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Gravity VORTEX on WEEDS tonight!  

Tonight on the Showtime series WEEDS, the Gravity VORTEX makes its TV debut. We are in California, so we have not seen it yet, but we hear Doug Wilson (played by comedy legend Kevin Nealon) gets high from a pink Gravity VORTEX while kicking it on the couch. It is a great tie in for our BONGS FOR BOOBS campaign, where we donate money from the sale of pink Gravity VORTEX to breast cancer research (see below). Video coming as soon as we can get it!


VORTEX announces "BONGS FOR BOOBS" Campaign.


Media Release: October 1, 2007 Potheads Give Back, Smoke for a Cure BONGS 4 BOOBS — Breast Cancer Fundraising The potheads care too. They care about bongs and they care about boobs. Nothing would make them sadder than to be without either. With this in mind, 9.8 Entertainment is excited to announce it will donate a portion of profits from the sale of its Gravity VORTEX Smoking System to cancer research in the first annual "BONGS 4 BOOBS" fundraising drive, in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 9.8 Entertainment, maker of the Gravity VORTEX, is supported by the medical marijuana smoking community for its innovative product line.
This includes local backing in California from Proposition 215 activists Eddy Lepp and Jack Herer. The Gravity VORTEX is the world's first portable gravity-powered smoking system, and Gold Medal winner at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. Its unique design harnesses the power of water and gravity to create a smooth, clean smoking experience. The product is highly regarded among tobacco smokers and medical marijuana patients in California. The device filters particles out of smoke and has been hailed as one of the industry's cleanest and most efficient methods of smoking. For more information about the "BONGS 4 BOOBS" campaign and the Gravity VORTEX, contact: 9.8 Entertainment (562) 983-0579 gravityvortex@gmail.com www.gravityvortex.com

In the latest issue of SKUNK (Issue 3, vol. 6), the Gravity VORTEX and Air Gravitron battle head to head in "The Gravity Challenge." Both products were given very good reviews, but the Gravity VORTEX was hailed for its durable constuction and easy portability. Here is a small snipet from the article... The Gravity Vortex Often referred to as simply the Vortex, the Gravity Vortex is about the best thing to happen to the frat party since the invention of the hairy buffalo. What it lacks in refinement, because it's not made of glass, it makes up for in spades in durability and portability.
Made of super-strong polycarbonate (no mere plastic - this ithe stuff from which Nalgene water bottle are made), the Vortex can withstand tremendous pressure without breaking. Although not recommended, you could throw it across a concrete parking lot or drop it from a window without doing much damage. Like the Gravitron, the Vortex is available in two different sizes and a variety of colors. The large unit is available in blue and green, the small in pink. At about $90, the California-made Vortex is a value based on simply its durability and longvity. One of the most common questions asked of Davyd Field, inventor of Gravity Vortex and owner of the company is, 'Can you make these out of glass?' "Of course I could. But if I made it out of glass, it would sell for $500," said Field. "I view this as the ultimate dorm room piece," he said. ------- For the rest of the article, pick up the current issue of SKUNK from your local newstand.

Hollywood, CA September 29, 2007 Relax Bar 5511 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood CA 90027 5pm-2am $7. ALL AGES Darkland Indie Festival, features some of LA's coolest bands including Shields, Humanbeings, Anything After, and more. There is also artwork, drinks, games and prizes. For more information, visit myspace.com/darklandsindiefestival VORTEX will be on location showing off the products, the unvailing of the 2-FOOTER, and giving out all kinds of free shit you want to have. Come party with us in Hollywood.

Straight from the factory, we have a limited supply of two-foot VORTEX available now! Call today to order yours before they're sold out! +49-2171-41134 or email us at... info@gravityvortex.de. You must be 18 or older to purchase the Gravity VORTEX. VORTEX appears in High Times Magazine! After winning at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup, High Times has reviewed the VORTEX and they gave it two thumbs up! Appearing in the GEAR GUIDE, High Times had nothing but praise for the best new way to smoke.

Here is their review. Enjoy! “Building a decent gravity bong is often more trouble than it is worth. The Gravity VORTEX solves the dilemma with an all-in-one water pipe that does all the work for you. This party-pleasing pipe uses gravity to pull the smoke through the water and into a second chamber. All you have to do is inhale the cooled smoke and pack another. Always an attention grabber, the Gravity VORTEX will surely pull you into its orbit. ” — High Times, April 2007 www.hightimes.com

Interview with Davyd on John Doe Radio
Davyd, the inventor of the Gravity VORTEX spent some time on John Doe Radio. Listen to the interview by clicking here. johndoeradio.com VORTEX interview on Marijuana Radio. Holly G and the Stoner Circle return in full swing tonight, blazing up pre show and during the show with the 'Vortex Gravity Bong.' We were joined on air by 'Davyd,' the inventor of this rather 'elegant' smoking device for a description and a 'stoner good time.' www.marijuanaradio.com


VORTEX is now available in 3 colors!
The Gravity VORTEX is now available in green, blue and pink. The best part about it is that all three units are small enough to fit in your bag, so you can take gravity hits anywhere, anytime. You don't have to worry about breaking your Gravity VORTEX because it's made of polycarbonate. This is the only Gravity hit available that you can take camping, to the beach, or pass it around in your dorm room without worrying about it breaking.

VORTEX In Amstredam/ Hilife Expo Feb. 2007
See the vortex in action at Amsterdam! The Vortex was such a hit in Amsterdam We have decided top also Visite the Canna Trade show in Bern, Switzerland from the 29th of March to April 1, 2007 come and visit us there! (see fotos and Video from Amsterdam)

SKUNK Magazine reviews the VORTEX
In this months SKUNK Magazine there is a section about the VORTEX. They love it oo. Check out the magazine, and we will post it on the website soon.

VORTEX wins at 2006 Cannabis Cup!
The VORTEX took home second place in the product competition at the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup. It was a wild week and we will have video and photos up soon!

The Perfect Gift for all seasons and all reasons!
Just in time to order your own VORTEX for the holidays. Don’t forget your friends. Gravity Vortex makes the perfect gift for that favorite smoker in your life. Bring home a Vortex and make baby Jesus happy

Nov. 2006: Meet the VORTEX team in Amsterdam for the 2006 High Times Cannabis Cup. Smoke like a Rock Star in a place where it is legal. Come join the fun as we party for 6 days in Europe and introduce the world to the Gravity VORTEX.

Nov. 2006: Gravity Vortex has teamed up with Bong Buddy and Coffee Shop Tours to
help provide travel to this years Cannabis Cup.Travel in style with our friends at
Coffee Shop Tours.

Oct. 2006: The Gravity VORTEX is reviewed by KB Cronicle. See what this Colorado based marajauna newspaper has to say about how clean and smooth the VORTEX hits.

The VORTEX is the world’s first completely portable water-powered smoking system, the GRAVITY VORTEX has changed smoking forever. This revolutionary device harnesses the power of gravity to produce a thick cloud of smoke from any tobacco-based substance.


The Gravity Vortex’s patented design filters smoke through two chambers of water, creating an incredible smoking experience. Its durable body is perfect for parties, dorm rooms or outdoor adventures.

You'll love this easy to use portable smoking device.

Der GRAVITY VORTEX dient ausschließlich dem Rauchen von Tabak.
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