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SHAWN – San Pedro, California:

“The Gravity Vortex is unbelievable. I use mine everyday and it still kicks my ass. It is the most efficient smoking device EVER. It has saved me hundreds of dollars in only a few months of use. I had been searching and searching for something this powerful and fun to use and you guys really came through. Keep saving the world one smoker at a time. Thank you and Goodluck!”

JASON – Huntington Beach, California:
“Everything you put on your website is true. The Vortex is the best thing to happen to smoking in ages. My friends can’t get enough. It is so portable and easy to use. We take ours to the beach and use it in the car before we surf. It is discrete and lays me out every time. Nothing like watching the waves after a Vortex. Peace.”

SARAH – Long Beach, California:
“I used to only smoke occasionally but the Vortex has changed that. Now, my boyfriend makes me the perfect sized hit before we go out dancing every weekend. You just measure out how much you want. He is like a f*cking ‘mad-scientist’ with your device. All I have to do is breath in and I’m DONE. It is always clean and goes down smooth. Thanks guys, I owe you one.”

DANNY – San Francisco, California:
“When you guys say ‘cutting edge’, you really mean it. I have gotten hundreds of comments on how great the Vortex is. My whole group can’t get enough of the thing. There is nothing else out there like it. Rocks my world every time!”

KATRINA –Millersville, Maryland.
Yay!!!!!!!! Got the Vortex dude and hell yea does it rock!!! Gotta get the digital cam so I can send you some pics. All around approval so far on it. I absolutely love it. 2 hits and I don't even know my name anymore. Would have hit ya up sooner to let you know but I've been sucked into one helluva stoned Vortex. Woohoo!!!!

ALICIA – Long Beach, California:
“IT FLOATS!!!! I have been using my Vortex in the pool. I can now smoke a gravity hit anywhere. The Gravity Vortex is the most powerful and easy-to-use smoking device I have ever owned. Everyone I show it too wants one. Nice job guys. This thing has changed my life.”.

The GravityVortex is strictly for tobacco use only.
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